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  • Can the grapple truck pick up my debris?
    Be sure to have the debris pilled in an open area with no trees or hanging wires. This service is same-day or next-day!
  • How long is the wait for a dumpster?
    Typically, dumpsters are available same day/next day. On occasion there is a 3 to 5 business day wait. Ask the dispatcher to put you on the IWC Waiting List.
  • How far do I fill up the dumpster and what happens if I overload it?
    Level with the top. If the dumpster is overloaded driver can refuse pick up and/or overloading charges will apply.
  • How long can I keep the dumpster?
    Typical short term rental period is 3 to 5 days depending on the location. Long term contracts are available based on the customer’s needs.
  • Is there a cost for additional days?
    Yes. If the dumpster is not filled in rental time a rental fee is applied. Typically dumpsters should be dumped within a business week.
  • When do I pay and can I setup an account?
    Prepaying your service at IWC Office confirms your booking. Contractors/Business can open accounts when credit process is approved. Call (345) 946-3867(DUMP) for info.
  • Do you charge for deliveries?
    Yes. West Bay to Lower Valley $50, Lower Valley/East is $75. All figures in CI Dollars.
  • Process for ordering or removal
    A typical container ordered on a Monday through Thursday will be delivered within one week. Customers have the option to have container delivered at a pre-arranged delivery date. The container pick-up date is set when the order is placed and payment is made. To change the delivery or pick-up date call Island Waste Carriers at (345) 946-3867 for customer service or our emergency line at (345) 926-1196.
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